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Time For Prank Candles

Candles are one of the earliest inventions in human history. They were used in the earlier times as a source of light. In recent times they have taken up a different role by helping create a lovely ambience with their light and the different fragrances offered as well. Now candles have undergone another transformation prankcandles.com as they help pranksters in tricking unsuspecting people. Prank candles have been growing in popularity tremendously as seen at www.popsugar.com.

Who doesn’t remember how grandma handcrafted those sweet smelling candles which smelt like apple pie? It was as mesmerizing like savoring an apple pie itself.  Those sweet smelling candles were the first among the gift choices we used to make for birthdays and other celebrations. The aroma that was released by these candles filled the atmosphere with sweetness and warmth. Well, now there is the latest addition to that. As said in the beginning, it is time to explore the prank candles.

Prank candles are a great temptation to buy, especially since they are small, cute and smell sweet. That’s right, they are smart. They camouflage as sweet smelling and find a place in your shopping cart. So, once you buy them and bring home, it is where they start their real job.  When you light them, at first, they smell wonderful – as delicious and aromatic as an apple pie. After a few hours, the fragrance turns into pungent smell and fills the entire house! Wait, that’s not the end of it. As a final touch, it turns from worst to unbearable, so much that you are left with no choice than cover your nose and sit at a distance and wonder, what happened to those sweet smelling aromatic candles?

These candles are filled with bad scents which transform into vile stenches like sweat or skunk after a few hours of lighting them. Though pleasant at first, the bad fragrance gradually mixes with the sweet smell and finally overtakes it. As if, it’s not the only confusion created, they burn incessantly for eight straight hours in your living room! Sure enough to leave you confused and perplexed on your ‘wise purchase’ that you made not so long ago.

There’s an interesting story behind this. These flattering candles are the idea of WTF – an American company which is the brainchild of Tyler Ward and Mark Ward. While the latter originated the idea, the former turned it into a reality. He was initially running a personal care company, where he came across a cosmetics supplier and discussed the idea to create this novel nasal annihilator!

Playing pranks are a fun way of breaking the ice, provided that the victims have a good sense of humor. By this time, the prankster in you would have surely got an idea already to buy this candle as an April fool joke or deliver the burn on someone who deserves it. Go ahead, bring them home. Just light them and watch the people running away with covering their nose in few moments.

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